Thursday, January 6, 2011

Round Table

Seeing a picture of this table today made me think about my sister.  She wants a new white round table. Actually I think she wants my table--but that is a long story about a little scheme we are cooking up. My table is a hand me down from my parents--the table I grew up with. It has two leaves, but I really prefer to keep it round.  Now that Georgia sits at the table (because Charlotte is in the high chair) the five of us are a bit of a squeeze. But I love the way it feels with us all close. We can all reach to hold hands to say grace before we eat. We are close enough  to cut food for the little ones and passing food is easy too.

My favorite time of day is that moment at the dinner table just after the amen when I can take a deep breathe and share another meal with my sweet family. We've all heard the studies about the importance of family meals, but I don't need research, I know first hand how dinner around my table grounds us and connects us.

*For Sissy:  The gorgeous jars of orange marmalade on the table reminded me of you too. I love the yummy tangerine marmalade you made last year. You should share that recipe one of these days.*

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jorene said...

This means so much to me. Making family meals a priority and knowing our old table is being put to good use. Love you sweetheart!