Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Trader Joes Baking Mixes

I like to cheat when it comes to baking. I'm usually all about the cake from a mix and homemade frosting. I did a lot of baking last week for the hubby's big birthday and these mixes were a huge time saver. I also tried out the frosting mix from Trader Joes. It was really good- but basically it was just sugar and coco (you add the butter and whip). So for the cost, I'm not sure if it is worth it just to save measuring out two ingredients.

Their vanilla bean cake mix is really delicious and the chocolate mix is so much better than grocery store brands. The layers came out perfectly flat which is just what I needed to make a round, layered cake. Letting your eggs get to room temperature is a tip I learned from Ina and it really makes a difference when baking. By the way, Ina's mix for brownies is to die for! It is a little pricey-but maybe for a special occasion. All this brownie talk reminds me that I have actually have found a light recipe for brownies I need to share- you won't believe how good they are.


Michelene said...

I like the "Guilt Free" brownie mix from TJ's. I really love the title. xoxo

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