Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ravioli w/creamy marinara sauce

So for dinner tonight I wanted to make something that my husband loves since it's the only night this week that I'm going to be cooking because we're heading out of town. So I made ravioli (whole wheat - healthy) with a great homemade marinara sauce that I decided to change into a cream sauce by adding a little cream in the last couple of minutes on the stove. Well, it was delicious! I asked my husband if he likes the sauce (because it's a little different than the thick meaty sauce I usually make). He says "yeah, what is it tomato soup?" I was very offended! I told him I would just pretend he didn't say that. Well despite the call from the in-laws right as we were sitting down to dinner which made it a little cold, it was a good dinner. Try the sauce; it's really tasty and great on ravioli.


Sara said...

Sounds delish! That is such an Eric comment. You should have said “does it TASTE like tomato soup”? I made Italian tonight too! Well, technically, Costco made the lasagna--but with two sick boys that was about all I had in me. I really don't think Eric cared, at least dinner was there and he didn't have to run for take out. I ate mine while Sam lay in my lap watching his 85th episode of Curious George today.

Sara said...

I forgot to say good job posting a picture too! Isn't having a blog fun? Mom read it and she says we need a proof reader. At least we have her to blame... :)

April said...

Of course she did! :)