Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bean Soup and Beer Bread

For a day of football and laundry- I thought this dinner sounded easy. I used the Manischewitz mix and added the veggies it calls for (carrots, celery, onions and garlic) plus some smoked turkey sausage and a few bay leaves. For the beer bread I bought a mix from Target (I love their pantry items), but it is totally missing. I'm certain I left a bag at the store since my candy corn is missing too. [We have a serious problem with doing this at that blasted new Target]. Back to dinner...since I had mentioned beer bread and Eric had his heart set on it, he found a recipe in Joy of Cooking, which is his go-to book. Would you look in Joy for a BEER recipe? It called for 12 oz. of beer and we found a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the back of the pantry that would work great. The only problem with the beer bread was it tasted like beer. ALOT. And the thing I hate about beer is, well, the taste. It was even too much for Eric who has enjoyed a beer or two in his day. So the beer bread went into the garbage after dinner. The soup was good. If you like bean soup. Good flavor overall, but I bet it will be even better tomorrow for lunch. In case you were wondering if the boys liked this dinner- they are both on the R.A.T. diet. Our pediatrician recommends this for diarrhea/upset stomach. They both seem to have the stomach flu going around. But tonight they chowed down on white rice, dry wheat toast and applesauce. I'm not sure I would have let them eat that beer bread anyway. :) I'm going to try to find a recipe like the Simply Delicious mix- it rocks (you can hardly taste the beer!).

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