Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Please don’t mind the break from cooking topics to talk about Christmas!!! I love celebrating Christmas- but it is *sadly* also very stressful for me. So much to do…so little time! And such BIG expectations! (Really that is the problem right there!)  This year my goal is breathe and just enjoy the season of life we are in this year. I’ve also realized I have to say no to things I want to say yes too. With four little ones there is only so much of me to go around. That might mean no to parties or events that I would really enjoy- but this just isn’t the year. I’ve considered everything that is a part of our celebration and what will stay and what will go. I even considered emailing Christmas cards {gasp! The horror!}. But ultimately I decided that a family picture was in order this year. Plus, I really do love receiving all those pictures. And for me, email just isn't the same. I haven’t sent a family picture in five years (just pictures of the kids). So two weeks ago we took a family picture (the hard part!) and now my goal is to order my cards BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Shutterfly has an amazing promotion for bloggers this year. I'm open to giving them a try and honestly I’m really loving their designs this year. They have new premium paper {which I love} and they are more like matte card stock than glossy photo paper. They even have an offer for a free card so you can order one and see how you like it. (Which I did by the way and I was really impressed with the quality- you can even add more pictures and/or a letter inside).

How cute is this design? Love how the photo is really the star.  See- I told you they were cute! The one I'm thinking of picking is similar.
 How about these cute Christmas thank you notes! Wouldn't it be fun to use pictures from Christmas day to create these? They even have darling ornaments I'm thinking of ordering for Charlie's 1st Christmas ornament.

Hurry- if you are interested, they have 20% off all cards today- and their prices are better than others I've used in the past.

Here's to keeping Christmas simple and focusing on what matters.

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Michelle said...

Looking forward to making our cards. Thanks for the ideas.