Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So one of my big things is "Have Good Knives" and I do have some great knives, but they were DULL! So I took my own advice "Take Care of your Good Knives" and got mine sharpened a couple of weeks ago. There is a guy that is at the 'Vineyard' Farmers Market at Blackstone/Shaw every Saturday morning between 8am-12pm. His name is Budd (Julio) Solaegui. Yes I'm serious that's his name. He did a fantastic job! It's like my knives are brand new! I should have gone to see him sooner! Here is his info if anyone else is in need of some good sharpening of their good knives.

Perfect Edge Sharpening Systems of Fresno

Phone/Fax: 658-7381

Cell: 908-2191


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Sara said...

Hurray! You are blogging again! I missed you terribly... I'm going to take our knives on Saturday morning and surprise Eric! How did you transport them? In the block? In a big tote I'm guessing?