Friday, November 2, 2007

Croissants? Check!

I picked up the croissants at Le Parisien today. The boys and I split a turkey and swiss on a warm croissant! Yum! It was the last croissant of the day- the Dr. ordering his behind me was told I got the last one-my lucky day!

So at Williams Sonoma frozen croissants are about 2.60 each (plus shipping!) And today I paid about 1.25 each (and they are twice as big). I cannot wait til Saturday for Monica's shower!

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Michelene said...

Sara, are these the croissants that you had for my MOMS shower for Ellie? The baker that sounded so great with his accent? Hum. I may need to go for a visit. Those were delicious and I live too close to ignore them. :)