Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chicken and Dumplings

I really like Chicken and Dumplings...and tonight is the perfect weather to have them! It's cold out and raining, it will probably be snowing soon. There is nothing like good comfort food to make the winter seem worthwhile. It's also a great one-dish meal and reason to use my Dutch Oven! Here is the really easy recipe that I use from Martha. What's for dinner tonight in your house?

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Rebekah said...

We had a meal brought by my mom-in-law. Steve broke his leg (little bone in the back)rollerskating with Logan on his class field trip and I have a bad cold. We will see a specialist on Tuesday to determine if he needs surgery because it's shattered. Not exactly the Christmas we were planning....

Your Christmas card was so cute and what a fun idea to make it a post card! Enjoy your winter wonderland and have a very merry Christmas friend =)