Sunday, March 23, 2008

My new favorite snack

Friends, meet my new favorite snack- Mozzarella Roll! You can buy these at your local grocery store in the specialty cheese section but I've also seen them at Sam's Club. My favorite is one with spicy salami and pepperoncini inside- but they come in mild versions too. While pregnant I need quick, high protin snacks- and this is it! You could even make one yourself using Paula Dean's recipe. Everyone needs a signature appitizer- something you are known for bringing to parties and get togethers- I think this along with some other antipasto trimmings is going to be mine!

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Michelene said...

OMG! I think these look awesome! I am excited to make them or buy them somewhere. Thanks for posting. I am marinating the lemon chicken for tonight's bbq. Thanks for talking about it this morning.