Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blog Abandonment

Dear Blog-
I need to apologize. I have abandoned you. Left you high and dry. Ignored you. Pretended like you didn't exist. I'm sorry. Mostly to my 3 readers- but really, truly sorry. And to my co-blogger and sister, you rock…I stink. Here I dragged you into this blogging thing- and then abandoned you too.

I can offer only two explanations for my lack of effort for the last three months…

January Resolutions- eating healthier has been b-o-r-i-n-g! Nothing inspiring to blog about has been coming out of my kitchen! (My sweet husband has lost 25 lbs though!)

First Trimester Exhaustion. I’m pregnant and things are going well, but I'm really tired. And just doing the basics around here (laundry, dinner, diapers) is about all I’ve had in me. Now that I’ve made it to my 16th week, I’m hoping my energy level is going to pick up here- soon!

I miss you dear blog and I’m really going to try to devote more love and attention your way.

Sincerely, Sara

1 comment:

Michelene said...

Welcome back! I am so happy you have decided to come back to this world you introduced me to. I am inspired all over again!