Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cookie Shortcut...

I love baking- but this is the craziest, busiest Christmas season I've ever experienced. So I'm looking for some short cuts. I'm not above pre-made cookie dough (okay, I used to be- but now I'm seeing the light!).

Try this-

Two ingredient Christmas cookies!

Roll the mini brownie bites into little balls (each package makes 40!) and dip the top into the peppermint crunch. Bake as directed on the Toll House package- and your friends will call you Martha! (Michelle P. did when I made these- I just smiled and nodded!).

I have to bring 4 dozen cookies to church on Sunday and Vons has the brownies bites buy one get one free- so this is my plan!

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Amy said...

i'm so stealing this from you. so easy and perfect for this crazy time of the year! and did i mention yummyy???!!! i did all homemade baking last year....not this year!!! thanks for the idea miss martha!!